Sujeet Akula

Sujeet Akula

Physics Ph.D.

I have a Ph.D. in physics from Northeastern University, and my research has been on theoretical particle physics. (This is usually called “high energy physics” by those who work in the field.) My advisor was Prof. Pran Nath inspire and I defended my thesis in April, 2014.

More specifically, my research has been on looking at how particle physics models, built in the framework of supergravity grand unification, might be discovered at particle collider experiments, especially CMS and ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider. Because these models can affect the physics of the early universe, and has other cosmological considerations, I also consider satellite telescopes such as Planck, WMAP, and AMS, as well as other searches for dark matter like XENON, and CDMS. ››

Recent Publications:

  • S. Akula, C. Balázs, L. Dunn, and G. White, (2017) Electroweak baryogenesis in the Z3-invariant NMSSM arΧiv pdf doi
  • S. Akula, C. Balázs, and G. A. White, (2016) Semi-analytic techniques for calculating bubble wall profiles arΧiv pdf doi
  • D. Francescone, S. Akula, B. Altunkaynak, and P. Nath, (2014) Sparticle Mass Hierarchies, Simplified Models from SUGRA Unification, and Benchmarks for LHC Run-II SUSY Searches arΧiv pdf doi
  • S. Akula, and P. Nath, (2013) Gluino-driven Radiative Breaking, Higgs Boson Mass, Muon ${g-2}$, and the Higgs Diphoton Decay in SUGRA Unification arΧiv pdf doi
  • S. Akula, P. Nath, and G. Peim, (2012) Implications of the Higgs Boson Discovery for mSUGRA arΧiv pdf doi

Other things...

I teach multi-variable calculus (MTH 3015) and also have some notes here on introductory physics labs from when I was a teaching assistant. ››

I used to live, until recently, in Brookline, MA, with my wife (then fiancée), in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood, which we loved. The green spaces in Brookline are beautiful and plenty, and there are many fantastic restaurants and cafés.

Having used LaTeX for several years now, I have been introduced to the rich world of typography. Though I claim no expertise here, I really enjoy typography and some aspects of design. This is why I switched to LuaTeX, and occasionally XƎTeX, as soon as I learned about fontspec. Exploiting the advanced features of open-type fonts makes for beautiful typesetting.

Computer things...

I do quite a bit of programming both professionally and as a hobby. I love using modern techniques and design patterns with C++11. I suffer through gcc-4.8, but very much prefer llvm / clang. I also enjoy mucking about with functional and/or dynamic-typed languages like Haskell and Python. Recently, I have been getting to know the new girl on the block, Julia.

I am a former FreeBSD user that switched GNU/Linux once I saw Gentoo Linux, back in 2003. I check out other distros every now and then, but have never seen a reason to switch again, excepting a new favorite of mine, Sabayon Linux, which is a fantastic choice for Gentoo users who don't exactly want Gentoo on their laptop. However, when people interested in switching to Linux for the first time from Windows or Mac OS X ask me for a recommendation, I typically recommend Linux Mint or Kubuntu.