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SusyKit is a software package designed to determine the posterior probability distributions of the parameters and derived quantities in models of supergravity grand unification. It uses the MultiNest package which efficiently samples the parametric space using Bayesian inference. The likelihood function for parameter points is determined by a simple configuration file.

The physical quantities used to construct the likelihood function are computed using the standard codes. The renormalization group equations evolve the soft supersymmetry-breaking couplings from the high (grand unification) scale to the electroweak scale where physical masses are computed using SOFTSUSY. The Higgs masses are then corrected using all relevant 2-loop diagrams by FeynHiggs. The thermal relic density of cold LSP dark matter $\Omega_{\widetilde\chi}h^2$ using either micrOMEGAs or SuperISO Relic. Various flavor and precision electroweak observables such $\sin^2\theta_\mathrm{W}^\mathrm{eff}$, $\mathcal{B}r(B^0_s\to\mu^+\mu^-)$, $\delta a_\mu^\mathrm{SUSY}$, etc. may be computed with FeynHiggs, micrOMEGAs, or SuperISO Relic.

After the Monte Carlo sampling, the sample points are binned to construct the posterior probability distributions in the desired parameters and derived quantities using simple Python scripts.